Montessori Curriculum

Children's Learning World is committed to providing a prepared Montessori environment, at the toddler level, in which a child can freely and naturally realize his or her own potential. Our programs are designed to cultivate an enthusiasm for learning, to develop a positive self-image and to achieve inner self-discipline.

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” Maria Montessori


Our infant program welcomes children who are at least 6 weeks old. We have two teachers in each room with a maximum of 8 infants.

The infant environment is designed to support movement, exploration and a variety of sensorial experiences. This includes materials of different textures, sounds, and form and function. The furniture and materials are low to the ground to encourage children to reach, climb and move as they like. The room is calm, warm and welcoming.

As infants transition from home to our prepared environment, our goal is make this transition as seamless as possible. Teachers partner with parents to learn about each child’s schedule, routine, and personality to ensure that each child feels safe and cared for.

Teachers observe, support, and encourage natural development of the child. They serve as a guide and model for parents and children as they explore the environment.

Toddler Program

Our toddler program is a natural progression from our infant program. Toddlers are encouraged to acquire self-help skills, growth and independence by using materials that will encourage fine motor and gross motor development. The environment supports the establishment of autonomy, separation and self-directed exploration, toilet learning, etc. The program includes every day living skills, activities for sensorimotor and language development, and exploration with art and science materials that are developmentally appropriate.

Two Year Olds & 3-6 Program

The Montessori Environment - In the Montessori classroom, the child develops his ability to set up a task, complete it, and return materials to the right area. Through practice in these exercises, the child increases his confidence in his ability and extends his length of concentration through numerous self-correcting didactic materials.

Practical life - The child is provided with many exercises in “practical life” among which are the bow tying, lacing, buckling, zipping and buttoning exercises. This encourages a child’s self-care routines. Also included are the activities of pouring, scooping, spooning and other fine motor activities.

Sensorial - As the child works with the Montessori sensorial exercises, he learns to make comparisons – similarities, differences, opposites, and eventually degrees of variation in texture, quantity, color and sound. The repetition of the exercises teaches him to establish order and further extend his knowledge and degree of concentration.

Language - The child begins his pre-reading and writing skills by the learning sounds by their phonetic sound and tracing the sandpaper letters. As he touches and traces the letter, the teacher voices the appropriate sound (using their most used sound). This natural way of learning sounds/letters prepares the child to read.

The moveable alphabets allow the child to compose words, and the pronunciation of the component sounds. In the second step, the teacher dictates the words and the child composes them, after which the child soon becomes able to compose the words alone. The child proceeds at his own rate of mastery to the more complicated reading tasks.

Mathematics - The development of mathematical concepts starts with the sensory materials. Following the mastery of these materials, multiple versions are taught to the child with increased complexity. Montessori designed materials were made to lead the child from concrete academic concepts to abstract principles.

Partnership with Niles Township Schools

A partnership with the District 219 high schools provides the opportunity for students at Niles West and Niles North High School to learn, observe and facilitate Montessori learning for the children enrolled in our 3-6 year old classrooms. Three times per week, high school students observe through a one-way mirror and spend time in the classroom under the direction of our trained 3-6 teachers.


Language Stars – Children Two years and older are welcome to participate in an immersion Spanish class offered once a week throughout the school year for an additional fee.

Children's Learning World provides learning experiences onsite at both locations. Past visits have included: Mad Science, Kohl’s Children’s Museum, The Grove-Traveling Animal Trunk, BugHouse Studio Pottery, Skokie Fire Department, Metra Rail Safety Program, Wagner Farm and more.


Our faculty has a diversity of education and experience that ensure children are exposed to a variety of child development perspectives. Many of our teachers are certified to teach ages 0-3 or 3-6 by the American Montessori Society. Several of our teachers are certified by the Illinois State Board of Education in early childhood and elementary. Our teachers also have Bachelor Degrees in Early Childhood Education and least 15 hours of Early Childhood Education hours. All our teachers are first-aid and CPR certified.


All families are welcome to enroll in our program.
Priority enrollment is as follows: District 219 Employees (Niles West & Niles North High School), D219 feeder school employees (Dist. 67-74), Skokie/Lincolnwood/Morton Grove residents and then families that live outside of District 219.


Children's Learning World Montessori at Niles West High School is located at 5701 Oakton St. Skokie, IL 60077. At this location we have 4 classrooms: Infant, Toddler, Two Year Old, and a 3-6 class.

Our second location at Niles North High School at 9800 N. Lawler Ave., Skokie, IL 60077 has 4 classrooms: Infant, Toddler, Two Year Old, and a 3-6 class.

Both facilities have 24 hour security with access provided only to Children's Learning World staff.


We are open for the District 219 academic year, which is approximately mid-August until the first week of June. We are closed during the summer months. We are closed for the standard state and federal holidays as well as two weeks for winter break and 1 week in the spring.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm
Schedule Options:
5 Full Days
4 Full Days
3 Full Days
Five, 6 hour days
Five, 5 hour days
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*Tuition is the same monthly fee regardless of absences, holidays and/or sick days.

Admission Information

Children's Learning World provides priority of admission in the following order: District 219 Teachers, Support Staff, Administrators, Skokie Area Elementary and Middle School Teachers and Staff, Skokie/Morton Grove/Lincolnwood residents, families who live outside District 219.

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